In 1962, MAF began manufacturing mechanical graders in the largest fruit growing area in southwest France. In 1979, Philippe Blanc, a graduate of École Nationale d’Ingénieurs (Tarbes, France), along with ten fellow students, produced the first electronic and automatic grading systems to replace those mechanical graders.  The MAF Roda Group was set up in 1989 with MAF Industries France & Roda Iberica in Spain & Italy.

Today, MAF Roda has 18 subsidiary companies, employs a workforce of more than 910 people and is represented by 40 agents located in the most abundant food producing regions in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The family-owned and -operated business is now overseen by a third generation—Philippe Blanc’s five sons. In 2008, MAF Roda annual sales were 90732K€ making it one of the largest manufacturers of fruit and vegetable handling equipment in the world.  This brings with it a commitment to Research & Development of new products with R&D facilities in France, Spain, USA & Australia.

Lynx Hort Ltd is a member of the MAF Roda Group & are proud to be the New Zealand agents for MAF Roda Agrobotic.  The members in this group of companies are active in the design & manufacture of the world’s leading fruit grading, packing, packaging & palletizing equipment.  Another member of this alliance is Colour Vision Systems Australia.  Lynx has worked on installations of the CVS Integra in New Zealand with great results.

Membership to this group enables Lynx to provide a number of sizer & equipment options that no other supplier can match.  The Lynx cup & chain, CVS Integra, & MAF Roda Pomone each offer a unique solution.  One Sizer does not do it all.   We can recommend the right sizer to suit your produce.  Along side this we are able to supply all associated pack house equipment from the in-feed to the finished pallet.

Products in the MAF Roda range include: Sizers (weight, colour & dimension), GLOBALSCAN Vision Grading, NIR grading, Tray fillers, Speed Packers, Box Fillers & Tracking Systems, Tray Pack Dispensers, Pallet Strappers, Bin Tips (overhead & side tipping), Dry Bin Fillers, Palletisers, Accu-stack Carton Collation systems.


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