LYNX Color Readers are manufactured to stringent specifications utilising fibre optic technology.
The human eye is capable of perceiving millions of colours in the visual colour spectrum, but even with this tremendous capacity, the human eye cannot distinguish between different grades of fruit ‘as fast’ or ‘as scrupulously’ as our LYNX electronic colour readers.
This kind of accuracy has only been dreamed of in the past.
Our system uses a sophisticated blend of mechanical optical and microprocessor technology which overcomes many of the deficiencies of other systems on the market. Setting new standards of performance, speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness.  The colour readers (one for each  lane of the sizer) are mounted on an extended viewing eyes.
As the fruit passes under the reading units, it is rotated and the colour of the fruit is read eight times giving a reading surface percentage of over 95%.
These views are then passed through a system of optics and electronics that convert the colour
information into electronic signals which are then processed and passed onto the LYNX dedicated controller as a single grade figure.
The grading figure is then used together with weight information to determine where the particular fruit is dropped.